Women of the world unite

Happy International Women’s Day! At the risk of sounding like a battle-hardened feminist, does this mean that the other 364 days of the year are International Men’s Days? (With the exception of course of that days that already have titles such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Groundhog Day.)

In an interesting side note, that should never be confused as “ironic”, this was also once dubbed “Alanis Morissette Day” in the city of Ottawa. Alanis, who at the time was doing her “angry, white female” gimmick, made sure that the people of her hometown knew that her day should never take away from the importance of the real holiday.

This of course was back in 1996 when she was at the height of her career and wearing leather pants with satin blouses was the in-style thing to do. I of course seem to the be only one who still wears those two things at the same time anymore, but I’m also the only one who remembered today was Alanis Morissette Day!

I wonder if they have greeting cards for that?



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