Jellybean Zero-Hour

So I’m off to put the final touches on this press-kit side project I’ve been working on for the past week. What began last Friday with a simple idea for something to include in a media kit that would be sent out to over fifty journalists around Canada, has become very trying and will hopefully conclude tonight – or at least bright and drunken early tomorrow when the kits get shipped out.

The so-called “final touches” include filling bottles with jellybeans. Oh happy day. Granted, I have no one else to blame but myself seeing as I was the one who said that we should put candies in the bottles.

Because these kits have not been sent out, I’m not really supposed to talk about them, but I’ll tell you this much: Any person who gets one and doesn’t treat it and love it like their first born will FEEL MY WRATH!

Yes, it’s been an interesting freelance project, to say the least. Blood, sweat, tears and jellybeans were poured into each press kit, so they better be well received. (Don’t worry, the chance of any of my actual sweat, blood or tears being in any of the bottles is pretty slim.)

Why did I do this, you might ask? Is it because I felt like broadening my portfolio with some fun and creative work? Could be. Is it because I’m a whore for money and even though someone I work with will be getting one of the kits I made, I still did it because there was a paycheck in it for me? You bet your sister’s sweet ass.


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