A quick one again

Happy Friday everyone. I’m going to keep it short and sweet today (making up for my long update about the Oscars yesterday) and just let you know that there’s a new Shooting from the Hips column up on line today (which you may have already noticed on your way in…) and I’m STILL working on getting up-to-date Dirty Laundry columns on line for you to read.

Since normally Friday is the goof-off day around the newsroom, I’m cutting out early and going to get a new agenda book/day planner. Now that we’re almost done January, all the 2005 planners are cheaper. Yay for after holiday sales!

I know I already have a PalmPilot, but I have this strange habit of writing things down on paper first, then transferring the information into my Palm. I could blame it on the fact that I’m a writer, or I could just chalk it up to the fact that having a day planner and a PalmPilot makes me feel really important. I’m strange that way.


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