It’s Monday again

It’s too bad to hear of Johnny Carson’s passing. He truly was a TV legend and he’ll be deeply missed. Although Jay Leno has done a pretty good job of keeping the Tonight Show afloat, Johnny Carson will always be remembered as the true King of Late Night. Do yourself a favor; there was a time before all the pop-glitz crap that’s out there right now… go watch a few videos from the Carson Collection and see what passed for real talk-show entertainment back in the day.

And on a happy note – then again, how “happy” can it really be if it has something to do with The Bushy – the folks down at Jib-Jab (makers of the the now famous “This Land” cartoon) have done it again, in a short called “Second Term”

. Because it’s Monday and it feels like it’s gonna be one of those weeks, check it out and have a laugh.


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