New column

Finally things are getting back on track both in my life and with this web site. I posted a new column (that actually was published last week) so now you have some weekend reading. Yay for weekend reading.

Other than that, not much else. I just got the good word about another up-coming BenQ Live Concert event that will be taking place next month featuring a great Canadian band called The Waking Eyes. I really enjoy these smaller venue shows where one gets to check out a new or up and coming band. Reminds me a lot of the local acts I’d get to see back home in Jersey where it seems that every bar has a live band. But at least there’s never a shortage of music in the Garden State. Here’s hoping that this show will be as much fun as the last few have been.

Have a great weekend… and best of luck to the Philly Eagles who go for the NFC Championship on Sunday and a shot at the SuperBowl.

Everyone else, remember to play safe!


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