Today is Tuesday

Thanks to everyone who emailed me wishing me a Happy 10 Years in Canada. Yeah, I know that didn’t really need capitals, but I wanted to show off the importance of me being here for 10 years already.

Sorry to all those who were a little bit put out that I didn’t have a Golden Globes report/recap yesterday. But just because I report the gossip doesn’t mean I cover the award shows. I actually can’t stand award shows and will find almost anything else to do, other than sit through another four hours of celebrities patting themselves on the back… for doing their jobs!

Think about it for a second. Hours and hours of your lives are wasted watching these Overpaid Crybabies give themselves awards for doing their jobs. You don’t see bus drivers doing that. Or the guy who refills the soda machine in the lunch room. How come we feel the need to bestow all this gratitude, recognition and praise to people already making millions and millions, for doing what they do every day?

I promise there will be a column update this week. I actually have been writing new ones and they’ve even been published, but getting them on line takes a bit of time and frankly, now that the holidays are over and the parties, functions, events and galas are all done with, it’s back to life as normal in the newsroom. One might think that working at a newspaper office might be days on end filled with tossing paper balls at each other and searching the web for funny cartoons of kittens doing naughty things, but that only happens in the morning. There are actually meetings that go on.

I’ll try to make sure that I update more often in the morning from now. In between the kitty cartoons and paper ball fights, of course.


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