Ten Years in Canada

Can you believe it? I’ve been in the Great White North for a decade! (That’s 10 years, for those people who flunked out of school.) It’s amazing when I think about it, but also hard to imagine that 10 years ago I came to Montreal – a place that my family had always vacationed in when I was young – to attend college.

So much has changed and yet, so many things haven’t. Time really does fly right by. When I was a kid, I thought it would be fun to come to Canada for college, of course having no idea what it would really be like.

Sure there were some good times – and some bad ones. I learned a lot about life, and love and I was able to get my career rolling. I just find it hard to believe that it’s been 10 years. Just in case you care, and to take up space, here’s a quick run down of how things went for me.

January 1995: Started college, working towards a certificate in Creative Arts. Moved into dorm with crappy room-mates.

January 1995: First Zoey’s World column is published in campus newspaper.

February 1995: Met friend Megan who had a small truck. Told room-mates to suck it and got my own apartment two blocks away from campus. Let the good times roll. Never saw room-mates again.

February 1995: Went on first “college date”. It didn’t last. And yes, I did have beer and pizza.

April 1995: Started dating Tyler, thus cutting myself off from any chances of meeting any other nice people.

Summer 1995: “Grunge” music is popular, schoolgirl look comes into style, re-runs of Friends are everywhere, Alanis Morissette becomes a huge star, I discover the wonders of leather pants, satin blouses, vinyl skirts and pants. Needless to say, college was fun.

December 1995: Went home for the holidays. First and only Christmas spent with Tyler in New Jersey. It was later told to me that no one in my family liked him. This is the kind of information I could have used at the start.

November 1996: Broke up with Tyler. Although later I saw how free I was, at the time I felt crushed.

December 1996: Completed two-year certificate program in Creative Arts.(For what it’s worth, Tyler and the girl he ended up with never finished college.)

January 1997: Spent next few months feeling sorry for myself and buying things with my new credit card.

April 1997: Moved to Ottawa on a whim and spent the summer in Canada’s capital city. (“Cool, look at me, I’m living in the city where Alanis Morissette grew up. Yay. And I’m still wearing leather pants and satin blouses. I wonder how long this will last?”)

October 1997: Moved to Toronto on another whim. (I really had to stop having whims all the time.)

April 1998: Moved back to Montreal to start career as freelance writer/columnist.

January 2002: Covered Women’s Show in Toronto, prompting idea to move again.

May 2002: Moved to Toronto to start new job

June 2002: Finally moved into my house.


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