Here comes the sun

Today it’s supposed to be a rather warm day in the city. 12°C or 55°F depending how you look at it, under what the weather people call “mostly sunny sky”. Considering the last few weeks have been nothing but crap weather, I say it’s time to break out the skirts again and declare today another Zoey’s World Skirt Day. If your workplace – or way of life – permits you to do so, then I suggest that you do the same.

Also, feel free to check out the Best of the City and notice that new categories have been added and are awaiting final approval. Chicken wings, pizza, fries and more. Your input for the best places in the city are always welcome. Thanks to all of you who have sent in your ideas thus far.

I wish there was something more interesting I could say right now, but it’s still early and I’m only half-way through my morning latte.


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