Split for the Pitts

You wouldn’t believe the amount of email and letters I’ve been getting regarding the split of “Hollywood’s Golden Couple”, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. The most popular question I get asked is “How come you didn’t tell us before it happened?”

Look folks, I only report the juicy stuff. I don’t make the stuff up and I don’t know about it before it happens. If I knew things before they happened I’d be rich. If I was able to see the future, I would have had a tape in the VCR for when Randy Moss made that insulting yet funny gesture to the fans in Green Bay on Sunday night.

Truth is I don’t know when couple are going to split, I can only make guesses. Although in the October 15th edition of Dirty Laundry I did mention that I believed Brad and Jen were on their way to file some papers sooner or later. So I just wanna go on record that my sources and my gut were right about that! Ha!

Personally, I’m actually tired of hearing about this crap now. Get over it, people. Hundreds of thousands of people have died overseas and all anyone can talk about now is Brad and Jen. How soon before we see a Brad & Jennifer Relief Fund Concert or something? 2005 really needs some big headlines because right now, diaster clean-up & resuce, break-ups and football players mooning fans are all we got.


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