A little survey

Columnist and all around great student Charley sent me this. Naturally she had all smart and thoughtful answers on hers. Mine looks pretty much as you would imagine it looks. Feel free to copy it and do one for yourself.

01. I hurt: myself way too often

02. I love: sushi, seafood, Italian cooking, my family, certain friends, skirts, leather pants, satin blouses, traveling, parties, cool tropical drinks with little umbrellas in them, Jersey-style pizza

03. I hate: hearing people go on and on about their significant others and how happy they are. You’re in a relationship. You’re happy. Good. Nobody else wants to hear it all the time.

04. I cry: when I’m sad or at the end of a movie that really tugs at my heartstrings.

05. I fear: ghosts and the dead. The dead have eerie powers, boy.

06. I hope: that I’ll get a few books published and can retire when I’m 50 like Dave Barry did.

07. I sadden: when I think of loved ones who have gone on.

08. I feel: like doing everything at once any yet, sometimes nothing at all. Strange, don’t you think?

09. I kill: really creepy looking bugs that sometimes get into my family room. Although I do save spiders and put them outside if I can.

10. I talk: too much and sometimes, too fast.

11. I listen: and take everything with a grain of salt.

12. I break: promises

13. I see: with perfect 20/20 vision, except when I feel the need to wear reading glasses so I look smart.

14. I smell: when I don’t shower for a few days- not that it ever happens or anything

15. I taste: my tomato sauce about 12 times while I’m making it so I know it comes out just right.

16. I work: as a freelance writer and celebrity gossip columnist.

17. I remember: holding my newborn sister when my mother brought her home from the hospital

18. I hold: my breath underwater. After all, who would want to breath in water? Unless you’re a fish. Fish seem to breath in water all the time.

19. I hide: in the darkest corner I can find when playing LaserQuest and wait for an unsuspecting person to run by.

20. I pray: almost every day. I know, God’s keeping score. I’ve been meaning to do something about that.

21. I walk: around Wal-Mart and IKEA endlessly trying to decide what to buy. I could never do impulse buying.

22. I drive: a Ford Mustang, but I’m getting a Beetle.

23. I read: columns and web journals. Also Fox Trot comics.

24. I burn: matches, cigars, logs and paper – can you say “Pyromaniac” ??

25. I breathe: deeply- except on the subway.

26. I play: solitaire while I’m waiting for the virus check to finish checking my computer’s hard drive.

27. I miss: New Jersey and the smell of the beach.

28. I touch: satin blouses and skirts when I walk past clothing racks in the stores.

29. I want: to visit London, England again

30. I wish: I could win the lottery so I can buy everyone every thing that they’ve always wanted.

31. I know: that I’ll never be able to give up writing for good.

32. I said: what I need to say… I hope you were paying attention. I hate having to repeat myself.

33. I dream: every night. But I don’t always remember my dreams when I wak up. And no matter what people say, I do dream in color. THX-Digital sound too.

34. I have: everything I could want right now. Except for a new blender. I broke that and I need to go to Wal-Mart.

35. I am glad: I am not some of the people I have met in my life.

36. I fall: on slippery ice. I hate ice.

37. I wait: for the last Star Wars movie to come out

38. I need: a 7-Eleven closer to my house

39. I live: in a pretty cool city in a great country.

40. I die: every time I get too close to the pink ghost in Ms. Pac-Man


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