More thoughts, less words

So some of my readers think I should have tried a little harder with my new year’s resolutions. You know, maybe put a little more thought into it and stuff. That’s all fine and good, but where are YOUR resolutions? Hmmmmmm? I share my life on this site as well as in my columns, so let’s see a little more reader feedback other than “Uh, maybe you could have said a few more things. Like lose weight.”

Speaking of dropping un-wanted pounds, today began my second attempt to make the Slim-Fast plan work for me. Yes, I know all you kids out there today are big on the Atkins fad and all this “no-carb” crap, but honestly as an Italian, I can ever see myself giving up pasta so boo to Dr. Atkins. In case you’re not familiar with the “old fashion” way of losing weight, allow me to share with you what the next two months of my life will be like.

“A delicious shake for breakfast, another one for lunch, a sensible dinner”

Also in there are the required glasses of water and if I see fit, a snack of boring, cheese-less and butter-less popcorn or one of the Slim-Fast snack bars (which also replaces a meal and taste like shit.) It also doesn’t hurt to hit the gym a few times a week too, so watch for sweat stains to be forming on my shirts as I try stay in shape. I’m hoping that the Slim-Fast idea of a sensible dinner includes sushi cuz that’s where I’m going tonight. I’ve earned it.

It’s not that I’m fat, it’s that I don’t want to be fat! So wish me luck as I indludge into a world of powdered Strawberry (somewhat)goodness in hopes of dropping a skirt size and getting a tummy you can bounce a quarter off of.

That wasn’t an invite, by the way.


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