The road ahead

Well Happy First Day of Winter. And what a shock, it’s a cold one. Not as cold as yesterday, mind you. But it’s still cold.

This is the last day I’ll be spending in Canada before I head south to see my family over Christmas. Then of course it’s back to the grind and the start of 2005 after that. Wah. Oh well, it seems like that every year.

Everyone’s been asking about the New Year’s Rant, which if you’re new to this site, is what I do every year when I get to Montreal, read the crappy newspaper they have their and blow off steam about the year gone by and the one ahead. You see, the crappy newspaper always seems to miss the Hot and Not list by a mile and that unleashes the beast inside of me.

Last year’s rant was in my diary, so since that is gone now, I can only assume I’ll get all flustered and let ‘er rip on this update page. The Rant is very rarely in a column form because most times I’m all over the place. So you’ve been warned.
I have one last party to attend then it’s the open road for me. That’s about it I guess.

Once again, my bags are packed and I’m ready to go. I’ll be updating my site as much as I can and I’ll make sure to answer as much email as I can, but naturally it’s the holiday season so there’s a good chance I’ll be knee-deep in Egg Nog most of the time, which should make for an interesting update, don’t you think?


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