Never skirting again

Seriously! Who’s dumb enough to wear a skirt in this weather? Oh. Yeah. That’s right. Me.

I’m the door-knob who though that shielding her legs with nylons would be enough so that I could wear one of my favorite denim skirts today. And of course it’s not a long skirt either. I have no idea what I was thinking. Maybe I have my mind set on back home where today it’s been -10°C (14°F) while here in Canada it’s roughly the same but feels like 4°F and -40°C. Bad wind-chill factor and high winds are to blame. In other words, it’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a reindeer.

But I hope all that’s behind me come Wednesday when I’ll be back in Jersey for a week to spend the holidays with my family. The weather-dudes are calling for 63°F on Thursday under a cloudy sky. It may not be the tropics, but it’s warm enough for me! Maybe down there I can get away with a little skirt-action. The only thing that sticks in my ass about all this is that the worst in weather is probably yet to come. Better hope you actually get that butt-ugly sweater for Christmas this year – you’re gonna need it!

Also, something to think about for the new year… it’s time to update the Best of the City. This time, we here at Zoey’s World are on the look-out for the Best Chicken (Buffalo) wings. So if you live in the Toronto area and have a place in mind that you go to for the best wings, please let me know. I’ll be making the updates in January.


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