We the jury find your ass guilty

So… Scott Peterson is gonna fry. Can’t say I really feel sorry for the guy. If he did actually kill his wife and kid, then he deserves what he gets. Personally, I think they should fry his lawyer, Mark Geragos just because he’s such a media ham and frankly, if we are ever to adopt Shakespeare’s idea of “kill all the lawyers” I can’t think of a better person to start with. (other than Marsha Clark, that is.)

Something I got a kick of out was the fact that once again it came across as Men vs. Women. Women felt that Peterson is a murdering ass-hat and should die, and (some) men felt that, (some) women were simply attacking him because he’s a man. Much like the O.J. trail. Sheesh.

But what really had me in stitches is the men outside the courthouse on Monday who cheered along side with the women when the verdict was handed down. Half the guys there just looked as if they had only shown up to see if they could pick up a girl or two. Kinda like how guys in college join Greenpeace just to impress a chick. “Yeah, I totally agree with you women. I’m in touch with my feminine side. Scott Peterson should die. Wanna get a coffee afterwards?”

Then again, I can’t really blame them. Seems as good a place as any to meet someone these days. Sure beats on-line dating. Hell, if I was single and I lived in California, I’d go down there too. “Yeah, everyone’s happy! Everyone’s in a good mood. Scott’s gonna die! Fry you bastard! Who wants to get laid?”

And into today’s Sick Thought Department: Did you think about this? If and when Scott Peterson does get put to death, it will be Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name on the execution papers authorizing it. Maybe Peterson can find some comfort it the fact that he can go out knowing he was killed by the Terminator. Just a thought.


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