The countdown is on

Alright. I either lied or I was too lazy to come back yesterday and do a creative update to go along with my boring and less-than-amazing one. I’m going with lazy. Because I did actually have the intention of doing another and much better entry, I just never got around to it. And frankly, it wasn’t like there was a million things that came up that prevented me from doing it.

Here’s today’s scary thought: Christmas is just two weeks away. That doesn’t sound so bad, but when you figure in the fact that unlike me, most of you don’t finish work by noon and can work from home and lie around and on your lazy asses thinking about the presents you should be buying to finish your shopping. Suddenly it does become something to worry about. And I don’t know how full your PalmPilots are with events, functions and parties that happen this time of year, but those are things to think about too. Now before you know it, you’re out of time and trying to figure a way to do as much as you can before the end of December.


Just thought I’d share that with you.

Something else on my mind… is it just me, or has 2004 been a rather forgettable year? Really, think about it? Other than our normal “wife killers”, “deaths” and “elections” and crappy music, TV and movies, what else has their been that really made this year stand out? Think about it, will you? Because I have to work on a “Year in Review” before the end of December and it better have more in it than “Bush is back, Julia Roberts acts like she’s the first person ever to have twins, Ashlee Simpon’s a fake, Arafat’s dead, Ben Affleck’s career is too and I still hate Jennifer Whorepez.”


Say something!

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