Internet reindeer games

Okay, now I’m officially a net-nerd. Yay for nerd-writers like me who do this kind of thing instead of writing a real update.

Loving: The new matching bra and underwear I bought Sunday at Sears. No Sears jokes, thank you. They do actually make nice under-thingies. Mmmmmm comfy.

Hating: MSN for once again being a buncha wankers and having a slow server that does a crap job of loading the graphics on my site. I really, really hate you. Oooh. That’s not really a “Christmas-y” thought, now is it? Bah. I still hate you, MSN.

Watching: Snow falling outside. Duh, of course it’s outside.

Planning: My holiday vacation to New Jersey to visit my family.

Reading: Cocktail napkin with interesting notes on it. I really need to read more.

Hearing: Soft jazz music that sounds like Christmas songs.

Thinking: How there are not enough days left before Christmas, so I should call in sick and run messages. Oh. I guess I shouldn’t have written that on here. Better cover my ass.

Faking: Being sick so I can run messages.

Wishing: My sister a happy 25th birthday.

Adding: Madonna’s “Santa Baby” to the list of really crappy Christmas songs. Make that really, really bad Christmas songs.


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