The last bar

The worst thing about getting a new cell phone is the first time you have to let the battery die down completely so you can re-charge it. I’m not sure why you have to do this, but all phone companies tell you to. I guess it’s so the phone get a feeling for shutting down in the middle of something important like a phone call or something, which without a doubt it will do later on. And you can get a feeling for how badly you’ll get screwed when you’re in the middle of that all important call.

So here I am, a few days after getting my phone, waiting for the damn thing to die so that I can begin the charging process. And I’m still waiting. And waiting. It’s down to like one bar and the warning low battery beebs have started, but honestly, that’s been going on for almost a day now. This thing just won’t die! And yet I’m sitting here. Like an idiot. Waiting with the charger cord. I feel like a loved-one sitting by the bed-side of a dying relative, holding his hand and saying “It’s okay now. You can let go. It won’t hurt anymore. Go into the light. Go to loved ones who have gone on before you. The pain will stop.”


That’s really depressing.

Like really, really depressing.

I think I need a minute here.


Better scenario. I feel like one of those super villains battling Batman and yelling at him “Why won’t you just die!?” Not that I want my phone to die for real. Because I know as soon as Samsung 660 gets a taste of the afterlife and/or Dead Battery Time, he’ll be going there all the time. Kinda like a fat kid in a candy store. And, like mentioned above, it’ll be when I’m in the middle of an important call… like to a loved one who’s dying… and I’m telling them to let go… and that the pain will stop…


I need some fresh air.


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