More from today…

Did you know that in the first draft of Return of The Jedi, our heroes were supposed to go to the Wookie home-world and see Chewbacca’s family? I just found this out. Pretty cool, huh? Of course, following the awful taste left in the mouths of anyone who ever saw the Star Wars Holiday Special that featured a big Christmas-type party with all the Wookies, one can understand why Lucas wanted to stay clear of that puppy.

There will be a new column coming out either tomorrow or bright and drunken early on Monday. Truth be told, the column is finished, published and almost forgotten about in my mind, it’s just the task of putting it on line that lies ahead at this point.

For what it’s worth, my Christmas decorations are up and my neighbors hate me. I totally went with the Times Square look this year. Short of having a giant NBC screen and huge Coke ads everywhere, I’d say of all the houses around, I have the one most likely to have planes landing on it, mistaking all my lights for runway lights. Yay for me.

Oh, and a Happy Birthday to Sara who lives on the beautiful west coast of Canada. She’s celebrating birthday number 22 this week and she’s a big fan of this site, which of course makes her that much more cool.


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