Month: December 2004

One last 2004 update

So Christmas is over and we’re just a few hours away from the end of the year. I really hoped I’d have some ass-kicking rant to end 2004 with. A rant where I would tell everyone and everything that pissed me off where to go. But sadly, I can’t think of anything really. Sure there are some people I’m glad I’ll never see again, but really nothing worth an entire rant.

So I guess I’ll just end this year by wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and all the best in 2005. I hope that you get what you want this year, because Lord knows I’m sure going to try and get what I want. And do I have any resolutions this year? Is there anything I’ll promise myself that I should do better in the coming year? I’m not sure yet. Maybe tomorrow morning when I wake up I’ll think of that.

Play safe and don’t drink and drive. See you on the other side.


Merry Christmas

While my sister sleeps off her Christmas Eve hang-over and we all wait to open our gifts, I’ll take this moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and best wishes of the season. I hope that your holiday is filled with fun and joy and that you get whatever it is you’re asking for this year.

Peace on Earth and all that jazz.

T’was almost the day before Christmas

This is just a quick update for anyone and everyone who may be lucky enough not to be doing their last minute Christmas shopping right now. I’m down in Jersey and so far things are good. It’s nice to be home and I’m looking forward to the holidays.

I was able to do the drive in 9 hours and 20 minutes and that included a short stop-over at an all night diner, gas and tolls. I’ll be back in Montreal the day after Christmas (which happens to be columnist Charley McCove’s birthday) so the celebration will continue. I’ll probably do one more update tomorrow and maybe one the day after, but just in case I don’t… to everyone out there, have a happy holidays and Merry Christmas.

All the best this holiday season.

The road ahead

Well Happy First Day of Winter. And what a shock, it’s a cold one. Not as cold as yesterday, mind you. But it’s still cold.

This is the last day I’ll be spending in Canada before I head south to see my family over Christmas. Then of course it’s back to the grind and the start of 2005 after that. Wah. Oh well, it seems like that every year.

Everyone’s been asking about the New Year’s Rant, which if you’re new to this site, is what I do every year when I get to Montreal, read the crappy newspaper they have their and blow off steam about the year gone by and the one ahead. You see, the crappy newspaper always seems to miss the Hot and Not list by a mile and that unleashes the beast inside of me.

Last year’s rant was in my diary, so since that is gone now, I can only assume I’ll get all flustered and let ‘er rip on this update page. The Rant is very rarely in a column form because most times I’m all over the place. So you’ve been warned.
I have one last party to attend then it’s the open road for me. That’s about it I guess.

Once again, my bags are packed and I’m ready to go. I’ll be updating my site as much as I can and I’ll make sure to answer as much email as I can, but naturally it’s the holiday season so there’s a good chance I’ll be knee-deep in Egg Nog most of the time, which should make for an interesting update, don’t you think?

Never skirting again

Seriously! Who’s dumb enough to wear a skirt in this weather? Oh. Yeah. That’s right. Me.

I’m the door-knob who though that shielding her legs with nylons would be enough so that I could wear one of my favorite denim skirts today. And of course it’s not a long skirt either. I have no idea what I was thinking. Maybe I have my mind set on back home where today it’s been -10°C (14°F) while here in Canada it’s roughly the same but feels like 4°F and -40°C. Bad wind-chill factor and high winds are to blame. In other words, it’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a reindeer.

But I hope all that’s behind me come Wednesday when I’ll be back in Jersey for a week to spend the holidays with my family. The weather-dudes are calling for 63°F on Thursday under a cloudy sky. It may not be the tropics, but it’s warm enough for me! Maybe down there I can get away with a little skirt-action. The only thing that sticks in my ass about all this is that the worst in weather is probably yet to come. Better hope you actually get that butt-ugly sweater for Christmas this year – you’re gonna need it!

Also, something to think about for the new year… it’s time to update the Best of the City. This time, we here at Zoey’s World are on the look-out for the Best Chicken (Buffalo) wings. So if you live in the Toronto area and have a place in mind that you go to for the best wings, please let me know. I’ll be making the updates in January.

Because you asked…

There ya go. Every possible picture I could find of me and my red pants. Everyone seems to love them so much, here’s an entire update dedicated to them! Have a great week.

Achtung! Mein schönes neues Auto

The NOW Magazine Christmas party was last night. I don’t work for them. I don’t really know anyone there. But I still went anyway. Any excuse to wear leather pants and get free drinks.

But enough about that.

Volkswagen always says “On the road of life there are passengers and there are drivers. Drivers wanted.” Well good news, kids… Drivers found! At least one, that is. Me.

In January I will be the proud owner of a new 2005 VW Beetle. (Color to be determined) I’m working out the final details with VW Sales Dude who remembered me from my drooling and fawning over the VW bug that was in the show room last time I was in there. Naturally I played it cool and came across as someone who was only “slightly interested”, instead of someone who was about to grow a nut – and then bust it with excitement over the idea of driving a Beetle. (Which I totally was, in case you’re wondering.)

The Beetle that will be mine (again, once all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed and a color that won’t make me look like a clown driving to work is chosen.) is a 2.0 L, automatic ESP/LUX model (whatever the hell that means) It’s cute, gets good mileage and if I want to buy it outright it will only cost me $22,500 bucks. The best deal yet! With $5,000 down, it comes to about $480 a month and I own the mofo in 36 months! But I’m playing it smart and leasing it.

Reason being that in 3 years I’ll be 33 and it’s about then that it becomes not-so-cool for a single girl who works in Journalism to be driving a Beetle. Then again, if you’re a single girl who works in journalism and you drive a Beetle and you can make it work for you, then more power to ya. As for me, the bug will be in my life for three years – max.