Out with the old

I’m convinced that one of these days this journal will become nothing more than your average female-written journal where the author always talks about her boyfriend, kids, pet (which is acceptable in some cases) car or new purchases. Seeing as I haven’t bought my new car, I have no kids or current steady boyfriend and I don’t have any pets… this entry will be about my new cell phone. Ha! Deal with it.

As you may recall I’ve been searching for a new phone for a while now, and have finally passed over the plastic credit card of happiness to a store clerk who was more than willing to sell me the phone I wanted. Gone is the Motorola V60 and in comes the new shiny and pretty with full color screen Samsung. Seeing as this is my third phone in ten years I figured I’d treat myself.

Okay. That was a little anti-climatic, but at least I talked about my phone. Now. What else is there? Hmmmm… damn. It’s a slow day. Better have some more coffee, that always works.


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