New lows and great highs

I’m so incredibly lazy when it comes to some things. I have no milk in the house. I ran out yesterday. I live near a store, but haven’t bothered to walk across the street to go there. So instead of venturing out to buy milk, I spent more time and energy looking for a substitute. This morning before leaving for the office I had made myself a “instant” cappuccino using that powder mix and a ladle full of sugar instead of real cappuccino.

Had I bothered to walk over to the store I wouldn’t have had to drink that swill that cleans people out like Liquid Plumber for humans. But rather than get off my ass and buy the milk, I went searching through my cupboards like a starving raccoon, the same way I do when I’m looking for batteries for the remote control. I always just end up taking batteries from some other remote. Thankfully my new PalmPilot is rechargeable through the USB cable or else it too would be a prime battery donor too.

Or maybe a substitute for milk… hmmmmm… I better go buy milk.

Speaking of going to buy milk…

I just found out that I’m going to be published in the 7-Eleven Monthly Canadian Newsletter. Turns out that a letter I wrote was thought to be good enough to be put into print and sent around to all the stores and big suits at the head offices. They’re even going to send me a copy of it. How cool is that?

And now, for everyone who doesn’t have a life (much like myself) and is wondering if the 35lbs turkey will be defrosted in time for Thursday night’s meal, we continue with…


Day Four (Wednesday): We’re entering the final home stretch, so drastic measures have to be taken. Turkey is semi-defrosted, but not enough so once again he’s been moved from the fridge to the outside to be air-defrosted. Turkey was placed in a pan filled with water in front of the TV so he’d have something to watch while he’s thawing out. He seems to like the new Gwen Stefani video.

We’ll check on his progress a little later on. Bread for the stuffing as well as the remaining items for dinner will be bought today.


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