Needing to wake up

I can tell I’m starting to feel old when I complain about not having had my morning coffee. I sound like my mother used to when she would say “I don’t feel human before I have my coffee.” Although I know what she means now.

It’s gonna be a short entry for now as I have a truck load of work to do, two columns to finish and a media event to get ready for tonight. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Actually, most times it is fun, it’s just all the thinking and prep-work that goes into events and columns and such that makes it all a pain in the ass. I promise I’ll have more interesting updates for ya once I drink my coffee and get things done. Ha!


Day Three (Tuesday): At last check, turkey was getting softer and starting to feel fleshy and a bit slushy. I can only guess that this means it’s thawing from the outside inwards. We may actually have it defrosted in time for Thursday.

And now back to my normal life… Well, it looks like I took a golden opportunity and pissed all over it. Turns out that November was/is National Novel Writing Month. It’s sort of a contest where writers have one month to write as much of a novel as they can and if it’s any good, they could wind up with a publishing deal. Sounds pretty sweet. Just to let you know, I did nothing. Nothing at all people. I didn’t even bother to try. Why not? Because I’m either too lazy or I just didn’t feel like.

What’s really bad is that some girl who wrote about having her heart broken over and over is getting a publishing deal based on her blog journal. Now we know why bookstores have so many books in them. Almost anyone can get a book published. So how come I haven’t yet? Please see the part above about being lazy. Maybe that will be something to try in the new year.

Speaking of new things, I’m currently looking for a new cell phone. It has to be a Bell Mobility phone because of the contract I have and the “discount” I get. (Please note that my fancy use of the word “discount” is simply because I have a corporate rate, but it makes me so important. It’s the little things in life that make me smile.) Right now, I have the Motorola v60 which was really popular back in 2001 when I bought it.

The way my friend Rachael snickered when I mentioned what phone I use, brought to my attention that maybe it’s time for a new phone. The one I really like is the Samsung SPH-a660. While it doesn’t have the front call-display feature, I figure that doesn’t really matter because most people who call me have unlisted numbers.Hmmm… I wonder why I know so many shady people.

So now I’m off the to the phone store to look at the selection, and then to get ready for tonight’s event. Later gator.


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