Thirty Candles

So this is it. The day I’ve been waiting for since I was a little girl. The day I become an adult. Now picture me in a Molly Ringwald-type poofy pink dress. Doesn’t it make for a classic Hollywood moment? Bah!

I know technically my 18th birthday was the day I entered the world of “adulthood” and 21 was the year when I could drink anywhere I wanted to, but 30 is the big one. It’s the year that Spencer Gifts makes cards and shirts for to let you know that you’re getting old. Granted it’s not tomb-stone birthday card Over the Hill type of old, but it is 30.

Now that the first half of my life is over and I’m only 30 more years away from collecting my old age checks and knitting scarves for my grandkids, I don’t really know what to say. I figured for sure I’d come out all full of piss and vinegar and tell the world to either kiss my leather-pants wearing ass or how sad I am that now I’m 30… but I don’t feel like doing either. Even though I am actually wearing my leather pants right now and it would be easy to form a line behind me and let the kissing of the ass begin.

John Lennon said it best when he said, “What have you done? Another year over, a new one just begun.” Of course he was talking about Christmas, but that song does ring in my ears right now. “So this is 30… and what have I done? Another year older…” and so on. I can’t really think of anything that rhymes with “done” right now, but you get the idea.

Twenty-nine was less than an amazing year for me. Actually, not all of it was bad, just some parts of it. Some parts I’d love to erase forever and forget about. I’m sure in time I will, but right now I am glad to put 29 behind me and see what 30 has in store. Maybe I’ll go into detail later on, but right now I have some candles to blow out and some “birthday goodies” to cash in on. You know, like all the cool crap you get for free on your birthday. And since it’s the big 3-0 for me, I bet there are some really cool things. I just have to go find them.


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