The winds of change really blew

Hmmmm…. I’m not sure what to say but a huge “thank you” goes out to whomever it was that bitched and complained enough to Yahoo/GeoCities. They changed their pop-up ads from the super-annoying thing in the right hand corner that hijacked your screen and browser, back to the normal little window that opens and then goes away again. I can live with that and apparently so can you.

See? This is what happens when many many people band together with bricks in hand and tell Yahoo to do something or else. However, I’m still waiting to see how long it will last and if they go back to their evil ways. Who knows with those ass-hats. Oh. Maybe I shouldn’t be saying that kind of stuff. Oh well.

I did send around a mass email to everyone on the Mailing List yesterday letting them know of possible site interruptions. Those interruptions are on hold now since once again Yahoo is playing nice, but I am still exploring my options and looking for other servers, just in case.

On a personal note, I met British celebrity chef Nigella Lawson last night when she was in town signing copies of her newest (and over-priced) cookbook. I’m happy to say she has slightly bigger hips than I do! This makes me feel especially good seeing as this is my last 24 hours before I turn 30.

I’ve got some work to do now. Ciao!


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