Thursday Morning Mail-Bag

Whadaya know… I felt like answering an email. Go figure!

It’s clear that you absolutely hate pop-music. I can’t really blame you. But in everything bad, there’s always something good. Is there any pop song or pop artist that you do like? Or would at least admit to liking? Just wondering. Thanks.
-Kevin F. Richmond, VA

Dear Kevin
Pop artists or song that I would admit to liking? How much pain are we talking here to get me to admit I like something like that? Cuz if we’re just sticking with ice-picks under the fingernails and salt on open wounds and such, then I’m pretty sure I could take it and wouldn’t admit to anything. However, since that wouldn’t be much fun, let’s look at your question again. So you want to know if there is a song or artist I can tolerate?

Hmmm… is there any song where at the end of it the boy-band or bubble-gum pop-tart blows their brains out after they finish singing? Cuz I really could get into that one. I’d probably actually go out and buy it rather than downlo–… er..I mean “file-share” it.

Honestly, is there any song? Well, I guess I would say – and that’s a BIG maybe – that Backstreet Boys’ “Drowning” is a good ballad. Just if you could replace the generic cookie-cutter boyband with an actually talented group and maybe replace the computer-generated music with real instruments, then you would have a kick-ass power-ballad on your hands. I wonder what Air Supply is doing these days. Maybe they could cover that song.

However I don’t know how much that would help any comeback chances for Air Supply having to admit they covered a Backstreet Boys song.

Anyway, I hope that answers your question, Kevin. Thanks for writing in. As a prize for sending me an email that forced me to explore my deepest, darkest fears and humiliate myself, I will be sending you a copy of ME singing “Drowning”. Recorded while I was in the shower. Fitting, don’t you think?

PS: It is Veteran’s Day and Remembrance Day so make sure to show your respect to those that gave us our freedom. Lest we forget.


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