Not so Smart after all

With all the “blah” yesterday, I forgot to mention that I’d moved my test drive of the SmartCar from Tuesday to this morning. That’s where I was. Trying out quite possibly the world’s smallest car.

Right away when I showed up it was a class-act all the way. They offered me coffee, sat me down and talked to me about all the wonders of owning a car that can virtually be parked anywhere. Seriously. The thing is really, really small. I felt if I tried hard enough I could have probably wrapped my arms around it. However, I could tell I was in trouble from the get-go because at this point in time, the only SmartCars they had were all stick-shift. And despite growing up in New Jersey where from what I can tell, everyone drives stick, I don’t. At least not very well.

But I ended up making it work. As I crunched the gears to crap and pulled the car out of the lot, the sales-dude went on about how much gas money I’d save by filling up with diesel and how far I can go with it (500km or 300 miles) on a full tank. I gotta say, I was grinning like an idiot as I drove down Eglinton showing off the car while people turned and stared. I even tried parking it a few times and sure enough, there wasn’t one spot I couldn’t fit in.

However, being 5’10” and still having an amazing amount of space inside a small car, there was something that didn’t grab me right away the way it did with the New Beetle. I really liked the SmartCar and the people at Mercedes were super nice and even the price was perfect, but honestly the fact that they won’t get more in stock until next year and the fact that it is a very small car helped make up my mind. As cool as it is, I was going to have to pass.

So that was my morning. At least I did one thing I’d set out to do. Other than that, it’s movie night tonight so I have to make up my mind about what film I want to see. I still have a little bit of work to do and I should at least pretend to dust the house before I go out again. Ta for now.


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