Weekend update

What I had left of a somewhat impressive waist-line (remember, some guys loooove hips) has been shot to hell thanks to this weekend. My haul of free cool stuff from the National Women’s Show wasn’t too shabby. Most of the sample bags were gone by the time I got there, but thankfully there were some put aside for people from the radio, TV and newspapers. I guess the organizers really want “media folks” to enjoy free soap, shampoo and such. However, it was a return trip to the All You Can Eat lobster fest at Movenpick Restaurant across the street after on Saturday, then sushi on Sunday that really did me in.

Oh Lord, I need to workout.

Speaking about forking over my own cash. I got two car-related phone calls the other day. One being from the people at VW regarding the low price of the New Beetle and if I still had any interest in buying it, and the other from the people at Smart Car asking when I wanted to come in for my test drive. I’ll be going tomorrow to try out the insanely small Smart Car and then depending on how I like it, I’ll have to stop in to the VW dealership again and see if I still love the Beetle as much as I did a month or so ago.

I still feel kinda bad about missing the Gala dinner on Saturday night for Cancer research. I also ducked out of the Health & Beauty awards afternoon party that Fashion Magazine was hosting. Normally I’m all about those kinds of things, but I was just too drained this weekend with the Show and everything else I had to do. I figured since I made my donation to the Cancer research, I had done my part already. Besides, I didn’t need to win any of the door prizes they were giving out.

Hmmm… I assume there were door prizes. What kind of party doesn’t have door prizes? Still it would have been fun to go, but honestly, I wouldn’t have been a very interesting person to be around.

Anyway, I’m off to make dinner and maybe do something creative. I’ll let you all know if something happens that’s interesting


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