Here comes the weekend

Sorry for the late-in-the-day post. I’ve been working like crazy all morning.

I’m so excited. The National Women’s Show is getting underway tonight at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. A contact of mine was nice enough to hook me up with media passes so, I know where I’m off to in an hour or so. Check out the woman’s facial expression on the web site. That’s how I feel right now. Why? Because of all the cool stuff these shows hand out.

When I went to the Health Show in January of 2002, I nearly had to get an extra small suitcase to bring all the free samples home with me. Thankfully, I live in Toronto now, so I can always just leave the car running with the flashers on while I run back inside and grab more samples. See, I’ve given a lot of thought to all of this. Ha!

I also took some time out this afternoon and went and joined the health club. (again) It’s at the Crowne Plaza and from what I can tell they offer the best rates in the city. ($30 a month) It also includes use of their pool which is a huge bonus, not to mention it’s not even five minutes away from the office. They open at 6am everyday so I can always go before work, or after I’m done.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Once again, sorry for the late (and less than exciting) post. I’m off to enjoy the Women’s Show and the weekend. You should do the same. But leave some samples for me.


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