I work with a guy named Bill. Bill’s a nice guy. He’s got a really classy looking pair of shoes. His wife drives a Toyota. And for some reason Bill thinks I need fattening up. I say this because today Bill brought in some cupcakes that his wife made for me. Turns out that Bill and “Mrs. Bill” visit my site almost daily. (Almost daily, Bill? Is there something else better out there that prevents you from coming back every day? Sometimes twice a day even?)

Anyhoo, Mrs. Bill read the update a while ago about my love for vanilla cupcakes so she baked a batch for me to enjoy. Bill was more than happy to bring them over to me. I blushed. Nobody has ever made me cupcakes before. At least not because they thought of it. (Normally any cupcakes being made for me are a direct result of me pacing back and forth in front of someone telling them to start baking.)

I’m very happy to have received my cupcakes, except the wonderful gift comes on the heels of a sushi dinner last night. And as always, it was an all-you-can-eat sushi dinner. So naturally I see that as a challenge. I was going to go to the place I normally go, but there was an accident on Bayview so all the traffic was backed up for miles. Thankfully I remembered Tokyo Sushi which is also on Bayview, but much closer so that became the spot for dinner. It was nice to see a place that offers Tuna rolls as a part of the all-you-can eat, because most places don’t.

That’s it for now. I’m home and ready to enjoy more cupcakes. Cupcakes, meet sushi… sushi, meet cupcakes. I really need to join a gym again.


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