Four more years of Bush

Crap. Damn. Hell. Shit. Oh well. At least I can say I was right. I call this election last night and it looks like I was right. I’ll just sit and wait for all the news companies to contact me and ask “Zoey, how did you know that President W would win and now America and the known world will get screwed harder than a hooker on pay-day?” What can I say? I have a knack for knowing when something is going to go wrong. I really thought this was going to turn into a Florida situation, but I guess not.

So what does Bush Term 2 mean for the world? It means people in America (but not New Jersey, cuz that state voted for Kerry) trust Bush to get the job done and keep the country safe. It also means if there is so much a fart that sends the Terror Alert up a notch and suddenly Americans don’t feel comfortable in their own homes anymore, there’s somebody you can write to. Make sure to ask him “What went wrong? You said we’d be safe.” I’ll give you the address. Got a pen? Good. Write this down. You may need it. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC. In case you need a visual aide, it’s the big white building at the end of the street with the tall pillars outside.

Another few things that might help dealing with what I believe is an upset, is this… It’s only four more years. That’s 1,461 more days. Four Superbowls. Two Olympics. One Star Wars movie. Let’s just all pretend that there wasn’t an election. We’ll just grin and bear it and get on with our lives. And of course you can find comfort in this; Richard Nixon was re-elected. And we all remember how that story ended, don’t we?

That’s all I have to say about that. On with normal updates about cars and pantyhose and how much my house needs cleaning. Feel free to read the older Rock the Vote updates and re-live the night. Or just do what I’m doing and look to 2008 and think “Castelino for President”


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