November has come again

Okay. I’m sorry. I can’t go on like this. If anyone read that piss-poor blog I did this morning, then please, go straight to the bathroom and use whatever bottles you can find under your sink to wash that horrible update out of your mind. (Kids, I’m kidding about that. Never play with crap you find under your bathroom sink. Use the stuff under the kitchen sink. It tastes much better.)

The point is, that update blew dog. I guess because it’s Monday morning and to top it off, the first day of a new month. The second to last month of the year, if you really want to be technical about it. Seventeen days before I turn 30.

In this short time I’ve told you to drink cleaning products, what month it is and how many more days it’ll be until I enter that “almost-middle-aged-single-woman” status, and already this is a better update than the other one was. Probably because despite carrying around my Starbucks latte (thank you very much Tammy for getting me ADDICTED) I hadn’t bothered to take a sip yet and thus, wasn’t awake.

Tam taught me a good trick, which if you pay us royalties, you can use too. When ordering your hot beverage at Starbucks, ask them to make it extra hot. That way, while may burn the flesh off your palm as you carry the cup to your car, the drink will still be nice and hot by the time you get where you’re going. Thermal mugs help too. Consider that your tip for the day. You can make royalty checks payable to “Zoey Castelino”. I’ll be sure to give Tammy her share too.

My weekend was basically two days off, with no road-trips and nothing exciting. I did hand out candy after all to the cute little kids who came early, then went down to College street and caught Friday the 13th part 3 in 3-D. I even kept my 3-D glasses, although judging by the amount of people who left the theater with theirs too, I don’t feel so special anymore. Just so you know, the Royal Theater where I saw the movie, is part of the Festival Cinemas Group. I can’t stress this enough; support your local repertory theaters, people!

As I sat in my car ready to go home and pick the eggs and toilet paper off my house that I assumed would be there as punishment for not being home to open the door to the older kids who came later on, I felt that for some reason my hips weren’t big enough already so I went for a couple slices of pizza at John’s Original Pizza. (Also on College, across and over from the theater) I tell you folks, coming from New Jersey, I grew up on pizza and this is as close to the Jersey shore as you can get without fat guys in small bathing suits and kids kicking sand at you as they walk by. Great pizza.

So that’s my weekend. I also learned how to use Outlook, but don’t expect any fancy emails from me as I’m still not too sure what everything does and I’m convinced that if I click something too many times, I may destroy the entire Internet. Then as the world crumbles around us, we’ll all be forced to get on rocket-ships and start a new world on Mars. Well, not all of us. Some of us will find their pizza-eating, Internet destroying asses on the ship heading for the sun instead, but that’s just the way things go.

ZOEY NOTE: I’m guessing there was a really shitty post I wrote before writing this one. I honestly don’t even remember it, though. However that could be because I blocked it from my mind. Either way, this is the only post I could find, further confirming the original post was deleted theory.


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