Month: November 2004

Out with the old

I’m convinced that one of these days this journal will become nothing more than your average female-written journal where the author always talks about her boyfriend, kids, pet (which is acceptable in some cases) car or new purchases. Seeing as I haven’t bought my new car, I have no kids or current steady boyfriend and I don’t have any pets… this entry will be about my new cell phone. Ha! Deal with it.

As you may recall I’ve been searching for a new phone for a while now, and have finally passed over the plastic credit card of happiness to a store clerk who was more than willing to sell me the phone I wanted. Gone is the Motorola V60 and in comes the new shiny and pretty with full color screen Samsung. Seeing as this is my third phone in ten years I figured I’d treat myself.

Okay. That was a little anti-climatic, but at least I talked about my phone. Now. What else is there? Hmmmm… damn. It’s a slow day. Better have some more coffee, that always works.


Something that resembles an update

I stumbled into the newsroom where I was greeted with the usual Monday morning “Hey how are ya?” or a nod accompanied by a rather pedestrian “How was your weekend?” Not that I mind the attention. In fact it’s nice to have human contact in the workplace. But nobody knows how I’m feeling after running an entire 48 hours with as much as 6 hours of sleep. And frankly I don’t think anyone cares. They just want to make sure I’m not dead. Once they know I’m breathing, then life in the office can go on.

I learned early on when I started in a real workplace office type thing that nobody really cares two shits about the girl who puts her head down on the desk and looks like hell warmed over and then complains about her weekend and not getting enough sleep. Here’s a little secret: nobody gets enough sleep. If everyone got enough sleep then there would be less people on the road or in line at the movies because they’d all be sleeping. Honestly 24 hours per day are not enough to get everything done that needs to be done.

Not to mention the fun of supplementing your income as a freelance writer which on occasion takes you to Montreal for a weekend (which is where I was) and then back home just in time to walk into a quick Monday meeting.

So I’ll keep my craving for attention act to myself while I think about other things like my new phone I’m getting or how I’ve just about finished my Christmas shopping and now I can start decorating my house. (This week’s challenge!) I bought some new lights and I plan to go top-to-bottom like I used to do when I lived in Montreal. The last two years haven’t really been Rockerfeller Center at my place, so I plan to make up for it this year. And why not start early while it’s still November. At least I’ll get some fresh air while I’m crawling on my roof and over-hangs with a staple-gun.

Expense this!

Yah for me! Turns out I’m somewhat important enough to actually get an expense account. This is a huge first for me seeing as most times, the papers I worked for were cheap bastards who didn’t even want to give me a desk, or a parking space or even a paper-clip. Do you know how hard it is to hold together a 5 page report with chewing gum?

Anyway, the Powers That Be granted me an expense account. What is an expense account you might ask? Normally it could be seen as a way of paying you more – without actually paying you more, if that makes any sense. Basically, the newspaper, or whomever you work gives you some cash to spend as you need to, as long as it’s “work-related”.

When I used to travel for business I would get Per Diem (daily spending money provided by the paper or the client) but this blows that out of the water, baby! Now I can expense my gas, my parking and even my meals – as long as it’s work related. Wink. Granted, it’s not a King’s ransom, but it’s a nice size that if I break it down over 12 months, I should be able to buy myself a cheeseburger, large fries and maybe pay for gas every so often. Boo-yah for me!

So now, while it looks like a raise is still far off in the distance, I can at least write things off and get money back for them, which in tern the paper can write off as well. Confusing? Remember that episode of Sienfeld where Kramer and Jerry and blah-blahing about a “write-off” and neither of them really know what a write off is? Well if that episode is on the first two Sienfeld DVDs and I can somehow think how buying it is work-related, then I will be able to “write it off.” How’s that for an interesting lead-in?

By the way, American Thanksgiving dinner was great last night the 35lb turkey was perfect and as always everyone had a great time. Now of course I have to figure out what to do with all the leftovers.

Happy Turkey Day… again

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans out there, and to people like myself who decided to celebrate American Thanksgiving in Canada. Of course, having been born and raised in New Jersey it sort of makes sense for me to celebrate today. Too bad the rest of the country doesn’t see it that way. It’s still a work-day for everyone else.

I know everyone out there must be on the edge of their seats to find out what the results of Turkey Watch 2004 are… (please note the sarcasm)… so without any more delay (and because I can’t think of anything else to say)… we continue with what will probably be the final installment of…


Day Five (Thursday): Just to recap… What we set out to do here was defrost a solid frozen 35 pound turkey in five days or less to have it ready for tonight. As any expert turkey cooker like my mother will tell you, you will need at least 5 hours per pound to defrost a turkey. Having bought the turkey on Sunday afternoon, it seemed next to impossible to have this huge bird thawed and ready for stuffing and cooking.

Well, as of 6:03 this morning, the turkey was thawed, cleaned, seasoned and stuffed and is presently stewing in his own juices – so to speak. Looks like we did it. Great job, team. Now comes a very long cooking period and of course the enjoyment of the meal tonight. Honestly we can say it’s going to be a case of hours to prepare and minutes to eat, but from what I can tell, it’ll be worth it.

If you’re celebrating today, then have a happy and safe thanksgiving.

New lows and great highs

I’m so incredibly lazy when it comes to some things. I have no milk in the house. I ran out yesterday. I live near a store, but haven’t bothered to walk across the street to go there. So instead of venturing out to buy milk, I spent more time and energy looking for a substitute. This morning before leaving for the office I had made myself a “instant” cappuccino using that powder mix and a ladle full of sugar instead of real cappuccino.

Had I bothered to walk over to the store I wouldn’t have had to drink that swill that cleans people out like Liquid Plumber for humans. But rather than get off my ass and buy the milk, I went searching through my cupboards like a starving raccoon, the same way I do when I’m looking for batteries for the remote control. I always just end up taking batteries from some other remote. Thankfully my new PalmPilot is rechargeable through the USB cable or else it too would be a prime battery donor too.

Or maybe a substitute for milk… hmmmmm… I better go buy milk.

Speaking of going to buy milk…

I just found out that I’m going to be published in the 7-Eleven Monthly Canadian Newsletter. Turns out that a letter I wrote was thought to be good enough to be put into print and sent around to all the stores and big suits at the head offices. They’re even going to send me a copy of it. How cool is that?

And now, for everyone who doesn’t have a life (much like myself) and is wondering if the 35lbs turkey will be defrosted in time for Thursday night’s meal, we continue with…


Day Four (Wednesday): We’re entering the final home stretch, so drastic measures have to be taken. Turkey is semi-defrosted, but not enough so once again he’s been moved from the fridge to the outside to be air-defrosted. Turkey was placed in a pan filled with water in front of the TV so he’d have something to watch while he’s thawing out. He seems to like the new Gwen Stefani video.

We’ll check on his progress a little later on. Bread for the stuffing as well as the remaining items for dinner will be bought today.

Needing to wake up

I can tell I’m starting to feel old when I complain about not having had my morning coffee. I sound like my mother used to when she would say “I don’t feel human before I have my coffee.” Although I know what she means now.

It’s gonna be a short entry for now as I have a truck load of work to do, two columns to finish and a media event to get ready for tonight. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Actually, most times it is fun, it’s just all the thinking and prep-work that goes into events and columns and such that makes it all a pain in the ass. I promise I’ll have more interesting updates for ya once I drink my coffee and get things done. Ha!


Day Three (Tuesday): At last check, turkey was getting softer and starting to feel fleshy and a bit slushy. I can only guess that this means it’s thawing from the outside inwards. We may actually have it defrosted in time for Thursday.

And now back to my normal life… Well, it looks like I took a golden opportunity and pissed all over it. Turns out that November was/is National Novel Writing Month. It’s sort of a contest where writers have one month to write as much of a novel as they can and if it’s any good, they could wind up with a publishing deal. Sounds pretty sweet. Just to let you know, I did nothing. Nothing at all people. I didn’t even bother to try. Why not? Because I’m either too lazy or I just didn’t feel like.

What’s really bad is that some girl who wrote about having her heart broken over and over is getting a publishing deal based on her blog journal. Now we know why bookstores have so many books in them. Almost anyone can get a book published. So how come I haven’t yet? Please see the part above about being lazy. Maybe that will be something to try in the new year.

Speaking of new things, I’m currently looking for a new cell phone. It has to be a Bell Mobility phone because of the contract I have and the “discount” I get. (Please note that my fancy use of the word “discount” is simply because I have a corporate rate, but it makes me so important. It’s the little things in life that make me smile.) Right now, I have the Motorola v60 which was really popular back in 2001 when I bought it.

The way my friend Rachael snickered when I mentioned what phone I use, brought to my attention that maybe it’s time for a new phone. The one I really like is the Samsung SPH-a660. While it doesn’t have the front call-display feature, I figure that doesn’t really matter because most people who call me have unlisted numbers.Hmmm… I wonder why I know so many shady people.

So now I’m off the to the phone store to look at the selection, and then to get ready for tonight’s event. Later gator.

Mondaysomething Turkey Watch

Sorry for the late-in-the-day posting, kiddies… I’ve had a rush-rush type morning. I spent the weekend in Buffalo and then made a stop-over in Niagara Falls so I could finally get a good look at the little waterfall they have there. It’s pretty cool. But just looking at it made me have to pee real bad.

Bill from work pointed out that now since I’m 30, every time a birthday rolls ’round I can just say that I’m “thirtysomething“. You know, like that show I never watched. The one that nobody has any clue to what I’m talking about. Yeah. That one. Yah! Something to look forward to.

As it turns out the site seems to be behaving itself right now, still I plan to do a little work on it over the next few days, so if something doesn’t work right – it’s probably your fault. Ha!

For no other reason other than to make me feel more at home, and for the sake of having a cool party, a few of us are planning to host American Thanksgiving this coming Thursday – even though we’re in Canada. We’re such rebels.

So far the guest-list stands at 8 people which is good because most dish sets don’t come in any larger sizes. However, the problem at hand is that I bought a 35lbs frozen turkey. Normally I wouldn’t care. The bigger, the better. More room for more stuffing. Except according to my mother who has made some of the best turkey dinners ever, a turkey needs a certain amount of time to defrost.

You might want to grab a pen and paper, cuz this is some useful information.

A normal frozen turkey needs 5 hours per pound to defrost. By that same math, a 25 pound turkey will need 125 hours, aprox. That’s five days. That’s too damn long. The question is now will the turkey be ready for dinner on Thursday at 6PM? We’ll see… Let’s check the progress in what I like to call…


Day One (Sunday): Turkey comes home from Wegman’s store in Buffalo in a frozen state. Sits in cold car all afternoon, stays frozen. Crosses Canadian border. Declares no alcohol or tobacco purchases. Slowly starts to defrost a bit. Goes into fridge overnight to help defrost more.

Day Two (Monday): Still frozen. Skin feels a bit, um.. fleshy, but still cold and solid. Turkey is taken out of fridge and left on counter to speed up defrosting process. Fear of bad things happening such as E-Coli and such comes to mind. Turkey moves back into fridge. Turkey is poked every so often to check on defrosting, as if poking will magically help or something.

That seems to be all for now… back to you