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It’s one of those days that feels like it needs a nap right in the middle of it. Now would be a good time, but I feel I still haven’t decorated my house enough yet for Halloween. The really funny/sad thing is I’m going to all this trouble of making my place look spooky and I don’t even know if I’ll actually be opening the door to kids on Sunday night. I know, I’m such a suck.

I guess it would be wrong of me to cocktease all the kids in the area with a cool looking house, only to have them show up in a couple days and find out that I’m not even home. Knowing me I’ll buy a couple bags of candy either at Costco or the supermarket and shell-out goodies for a few hours at least. After all, I’d hate for the giant spider and big pumpkin to go to waste.

For everyone else out there, have a happy and safe Halloween.


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