Happy Halloween… two days early!

Yah. It’s Friday. The Friday before Halloween. Yah! A few people came to the office today dressed up. I wasn’t one of them. I’ve had enough problems trying to come up with a costume for the parties this weekend. I didn’t need to worry about one more outfit. I figure I could just show up here with my hair un-washed and wearing last night’s clothes and that would be scary enough. I was actually expecting more people to get into the Halloween spirit, but I guess one just looks strange wearing a costume two days before Halloween.

Oh, and so far the Secret Slimmers have passed the Zoey-Test. The Zoey-Test being I am total clutz and bump into everything and anything. I don’t know why I do, I just have a bad habit of it. Yesterday was no different. I was walking into my kitchen and naturally I cut my entrance a little too close to the counter and bumped my leg against the cupboard door. Of course I couldn’t have been wearing my leather pants. No. I had to be wearing my pleated skirt and new Secret pantyhose. I thought for sure I’d torn a hole in the nylons but as luck would have it, they were fine. Not even a scratch. Not even a run. Either they have a built-in healing factor or they are stronger and better made that most nylons I get. Yah for the super-pantyhose!

Both Shooting from the Hips and Dirty Laundry are on line today. See how much I love you people. Even without a costume and while celebrating my awesome pantyhose, I still managed to get my columns up on line for you to read. Hope you like ’em. Sorry, no Halloween theme this year. That’s the problem with being low mouse on the totem pole. You don’t get the cool holiday features right away.


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