The morning after

So the Red Sox win the World Series and there’s no Thursday Morning Mail-Bag Letter of the Week. Actually, the two have nothing to do with one another, I was just stating facts.

Why is there no letter this week? Because once again I became bored with the idea. So many of you sent in interesting emails that I will get around to answering, but right now I just feel like bucking the system and doing something new. That’s my biggest problem. I change my mind a lot. Someone once told me I change my mind more than I change my bra, which I took to be a good thing at the time, but looking back could have been a real comment on my personal hygiene.

Boo to them in that case. I will answer emails when I feel like it or when I can’t think of anything creative or interesting to say in my updates. (Repetitive blogs about New Beetles, Smart Cars, shopping in Buffalo, Secret pantyhose and Ashlee Simpson might be some people’s idea of lackluster updates and a serious absence of creativity) So everyone, thanks for all the emails, keep ’em coming and I will get to each and every one of them.

Last night’s show is what’s on my mind right now. Being as special guest of BenQ Canada as they presented the BenQ Live Concert Series event for October meant one thing to me; free food and drinks. Let me tell you… my head is still throbbing. I can’t help but wonder, is it a good thing when the bartender has your rum and cokes ready and waiting for you even before you reach the bar, and the waitress bringing around the snacks knows your name? It also gave me a chance to hear Stabilo live.

You may recall I honestly had no idea who they were when I first found out about the show, but after seeing them play, I can tell you… they rock pretty hard. Really nice bunch of guys too. Friendly and all with a good sense of humor. I even met a few guys from Michigan who drove five hours just to see them. Now that’s dedication to a band. You can check out Stabilo’s web site here.


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