Loving the new ‘hose

Okay. I’ve been rubbing my legs like a mad woman for the past few hours to the point where I feel I should be slipping folded dollar bills into my underwear and buying an over-priced drink. My legs feel great. Yes. Great. As in Tony The Tiger Grrrrreat. Except I doubt his legs ever felt this good.

I didn’t have the smarts to wear a skirt to the office so I had to wait until I got home to try on my free Secret Slimmers samples. And what a sample pack they are! I love getting free stuff. Send me more. Also, you can tell it was a woman who put together the gift bag samples because there is more than one package of pantyhose included. Only a woman would have the foresight to think of that. Sorry men, don’t feel bad. You’d have to own a few pairs to know what I’m talking about.

Seriously though, my legs feel great. No, you can’t feel them. Just take my word for it. I’ve worn Secret before, but for some reason these babies are cat’s ass when it comes to leg and body shaping things. I may just wear a skirt every day until I’ve used up all my skirts in my closet. Naturally there would be some days when it would be acceptable to “repeat” and wear the same skirt more than once in a week, but those are just small details that can be fixed later on.

I’ve been getting a lot of pats on the back and high-fives from people who read my “special” Hips column about Ashlee Simpson that ran today. I’ll post it either tomorrow or the day after for everyone on the site so you can read it, and then read it again. It was the first Hips column I’ve done for the new paper since leaving the old one. Truthfully it was billed as “social pop commentary” but it’s still Shooting From The Hips.

Speaking of Hips, that reminds me. I need to sign up again at the fitness club. I’ve kinda been letting my membership go and haven’t been working out as much. Probably one of the reasons I’m so glad to get a bag full of Secret Slimmers. Plus they have a pool. I love swimming in that pool. I wonder if they’d let me swim in my new Slimmers?


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