Not so happy Monday

It’s turning out to be another one of those days. The graphics – once again – are pissing me off. I really have to find a solution to this and deal with it soon. Bad enough that it’s Monday, but now this. Actually, I noticed that even over the weekend things were getting all messed up with the site and the graphics. I’m hoping it will blow over. I just need to calm down and stress less. Too bad all the things that piss me off in this world won’t let me do that.

On a happy note, I did some shopping this weekend. Nothing like helping out the local economy by buying a few new bras. I figure now I’m all stocked up for the winter months. I’m also seriously thinking about doing the chicken wing thing again tonight. Last week half price wings were just too good to pass up, so nine pounds later (split between a few of us I should mention) we all agreed to do it again really soon. Making Monday “Wing Night” sounds like a perfect plan.


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