The Thursday Morning Mail-Bag… sort of

As I said yesterday, I’m having a crap of a time getting all your letters on line. Not that I mind the out pouring (or is it IN-pouring) of emails. Lord know it gives me something to do. But trying to put them on line while still getting used to this new journal/blog/thing is tricky. Tricky like trying to match pink pants with a pink top when it’s clearly not the same shade of pink and everyone will notice. I think the best thing to do is just go with the Email of the Week idea until I figure it out and then try out the “big-girl” ideas instead of trying to get too far ahead of myself.

So without further delay, our first Email of the Week Direct from the Thursday Morning Mail-Bag. (Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Long ring. But still a nice one.)

Dear Zoey,
I was wondering about something. You always talk about having lived in Toronto before you moved here in 2002. I was wondering when you actually lived here and where did you live. Also how long were you in town for and why did you move away?
Thanks. Keith J. – Toronto, Ontario

Congratulations on being the first to get your letter answered in the Thursday Morning… blah, blah, blah thing. Actually, truth be told, you are the first because yours is the only email I could post on line without messing up the whole page. Interesting. Maybe it has something to do with you email. Maybe you’re special. I bet you are. Anyway. First off, thanks for not asking about where I got my pants.

You would be shocked at how many people keep writing in asking about my shiny red pants. Even though I pretend to get upset about it, I don’t mind the emails because I crave any and all forms of attention. Oh yeah, your email… To answer your question, Keith, I lived in Toronto from October 1997 until May 1998.

I moved here after spending six months in Ottawa earlier in 97. I had always wanted to see Toronto and I felt that since I was finished college, without a job and telling my parents I was in university, why not see Canada’s biggest city. However my time here was not totally wasted. I entered a chicken wing eating contest and started building a portfolio.

The chicken wing thing did very little to help my career, but the portfolio was great because I started sending out my resume to everywhere and as luck would have it, a newspaper in Montreal called and I moved back there.

Hope that helps, thanks for writing in.

Hmmm… that wasn’t so bad. Kind of easy. I guess I’ve had some practice replying to emails and letters over the years. But that’s it. You get the idea. So keep sending in your letters and sooner or later I’ll get to them I promise.

I’m going to get some rest now. I have a ton of things to do tomorrow (Gotta stick to the Spreadsheet) but I wanted you all to have something to read when you woke up and came to my site, first thing in the morning. Even before you pee and brush your teeth. Well, you can pee first. That’s kinda important. I wouldn’t want you to burst your bladder because you came here first without having… oh you get the idea. Have a cool day.

Great. Now I have to pee.


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