The Hump-Day Situation

As you probably noticed if you made it this far, the graphics are slow to load on the site today. I’m not sure why, but I blame Bill Gates and his damn MSN. If the network wasn’t so easy to use then I would go somewhere else and load my graphics there, but frankly his network is free and I’m lazy. Nuff said. I’m sure things will be fixed later on so when you come back and bring you friends to see my site, the graphics will work.

It’s another overcast day here in Toronto which makes for perfect sleeping/lying around weather. I made a new spreadsheet on Excel yesterday (yes, another free and useful tool of the evil Microsoft empire) so that now I know what I’ll be doing each day and when I’ll be doing it. I know. You must think I’m either a total idiot or have way too much time on my hands.

Honestly, it’s a little from column A and a little from column B. But this way I’ll look at my spreadsheet and see that Wednesday is laundry day while Thursday is Errand Day. As it stands right now there are a lot of white spaces left on the chart which leaves plenty of time open for work or sleep or whatever. Had I actually done my laundry the second I got home today, then I could have squeezed in Movie Day today as well.

Personally I like to get everything done in the morning. If you can drag my lazy ass out of bed then I truly am a morning person. Work, chores, shopping… everything should be done as the sun comes over the skyline and kisses the buildings with a warm orange glow. Yeah. And then in the real world there’s me speeding down Leslie Street like a New York taxi cab, racing to Starbucks, then to work then to my desk (I park the car before I get to my desk) and then once everything looks close to being done, I race home. That’s my day, kiddies.

Still no really good ideas for my Halloween costume yet. I still have a while to think about it, but this weekend I’m either going back to Niagara Falls and Buffalo for a day trip or staying in town and trying to find something fun to do. No matter what happens, I’ll have to get a pumpkin and carve it. Mmmmmm roasted pumpkin seeds.

I already have two cool fake pumpkins in my windows (one in the kitchen and one in the second bedroom) over-looking the driveway so when people come up to the house they will see my incredibly laziness and cheapness right away, but it wouldn’t be Halloween without a real pumpkin somewhere. Even when I lived in Toronto for a total of 6 months in 1997/98 I had a pumpkin. Granted it started to rot and smell after a few weeks and I had to hold my nose when I came in my apartment, but it was a real pumpkin nevertheless.


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