Hump Day continues…

Well, today was a total wash-out, but my spreadsheet looks great. Now I know what I’ll be doing next week, as long as I don’t lose interest in the idea of living by a schedule. Feels like high school all over again. Homeroom at 9am, English at 9:40, Drama at 11… and so on. But at least I knew where I had to be and when I had to be there. Now all I have to do is transfer this into my PalmPilot and things will be all good. I am such a nerd.

The funny thing is next week could mess everything up for my newly finished Spreadsheet as a few items have come up. One being a possible trip to Ottawa for Halloween weekend which would really ruin my party plans, but save me the trouble of trying to find a costume or two, or three.

I’m not getting my hopes up because this is the third or fourth trip I thought I would be going on, only to find out that someone else will be going instead of me. Calgary, Edmonton and a return trip to Vancouver were all possibilities, but now are just distant thoughts. So if the Ottawa thing works out, then that’s cool. It’s work, I get money and I get an all expenses trip paid for. If not, I’m stuck rooting through my closet trying to find something scary to wear.

As far as tomorrow’s first (and probably last) edition of the Thursday Morning Mail Bag goes, I’m having a bitch of a time trying to get all your letters loaded on line, so maybe I’ll just make it an Email of the Week type thing and see how that works. Tomorrow (according to my Spreadsheet) is also Message Day which means a trip to the cleaners, supermarket and bank are all in the works. I only gave myself four hours to get everything done, so we’ll see how things go.

I’ll try and update either while I’m at work or once I get home, but before I run out to do my errands. Yah for me!


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