Here’s a Smart one

Happy Tuesday! I figured that might make everyone’s day. It’s been a slow one around here. I did some work this morning, wrote about over-paid crybabies who call themselves movie, TV and singing stars and then came home. I was planning on cleaning the place up a bit. (I know. You must be asking yourself how can one girl who lives alone make so much mess?) However there seems to be a problem with the water on my street. It could just be my hot water tank, but I’m hoping it’s the whole street because the only thing worse than having to clean a house is having to call someone in to fix a problem with a house.

Speaking of something that doesn’t really have anything to do with houses, all my going on and on about wanting a New Beetle got the attention of the good people at Mercedes. Now before you get all excited like I did and run through the streets telling everyone to kiss your ass because you believe that you’re (or in this case, I am) getting a Mercedes, I should point out that it was the people at the Smart Car division of Mercedes who wrote to me.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Smart Car is one of the smallest cars in the world. It runs on less than $20 which fills its diesel tank and lets it travel 500km (300 miles) Right now only the two-seater is in Canada, and when it was released two weeks ago, all the dealerships sold out every car they had. Now everyone has to wait until May for the next batch as well as the four seater one.

I get this email asking if I would be interested in trying one out. Keeping in mind that I’m 5’10” the idea of me getting into a car like this is quite funny, but from what they tell me, I won’t feel cramped at all. I’ll let you know what happens if and when I go drive one. I guess someone who works for the company was reading my site and saw that I’m in the market for a car and though “why not put this loud-mouth tall red-head girl behind the wheel of our incredibly cute little car?” I doubt they’ll give it to me for free, but it does feel good that someone from Mercedes was checking out my site. Ha!

How’s your day been?


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