Weekend Update… on Monday

What a weekend! If I hadn’t stayed up so late watching the Yankees and Red Sox game last night, I’d probably be more awake right now. Of course, it didn’t help that after the game I watched the last hour or so of Superman II.

In case you’re wondering, my “date night” went very well. We ended up going to see Shawn of the Dead instead of The Forgotten because for some reason, the cinema suddenly became packed with very noisy, very annoying teens and “twenty-nothings” who talked and ruined everything for anyone who happened to be there to enjoy a movie. Naturally, we went for pizza after. Stuffed crust with pepperoni if you’re taking notes.

I decided to finally drive to Buffalo on Saturday. I can’t believe I’ve been living in Toronto for over two years and I never went state-side before. I did some shopping, bought some groceries and even stopped in and bought this amazing bra at Victoria’s Secret.

Damn, this feels like a “what I did on the weekend” essay from grade school. Minus the part about the bra and Victoria’s Secret of course.

When you’re a kid, you never have to rely on stories about your underwear as page filler when talking about your weekend. Anyway, the bra rocks because it’s a push-up and I’ll say this… I didn’t know “the girls” could look so good. Sorry, no pictures of that… yet. Maybe if I need to increase traffic to the site I’ll start posting pictures of me in lingerie, but would that really work? Don’t answer that one.

On to more important things. Like food! Yes, I did have buffalo-wings. No, because of the bad weather I never made it into downtown Buffalo to try The Anchor Bar. Instead I gave in and went to Hooters. Yes, it was good. Besides, I can try Duff’s Toronto location anytime I feel like it. Hmmmm… now that I think about it, the Crown and Dragon Pub is offering half-price wings today. Okay. Gotta focus.

Sunday was the usual wash-out that it is. Granted the weather was better than the downpour that happened on Saturday, but it was still just a day for finishing work and thinking about the week ahead. Yes. I actually sit and think about the week ahead. I know. I suck. Big time. But I do have a cool bra. So there. Pffffffft.

Well, I’m at work now and I got a few things to do so have a good one and maybe I’ll post later on. Depending on how the day goes of course.


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