Something for the pain

When you wake from your sleep… you will find this… a new update! Yeah, I know it’s early/late again, but what do you care? You didn’t have to write it. You were all asleep while I was up thinking of something creative to say because I enjoy updating this site for you. I work for you, people! You own me! Well, not really. But it sure sounded dramatic.

My left hand and right wrist have been killing me these past few days. A couple friends joked that it might be the early stages of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Naturally I laughed it off, but if the pain doesn’t go away in a month or so (I like to give things a lot of time), then I might have to pay a visit to the man in the white coat and see about getting checked out. Did you know that journalists can actually claim disability when they have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Amazing. As if getting tons of cool crap for free wasn’t rewarding enough, you can actually sit on your ass cuz your hands hurt and get paid for it. I’m not really worried though and I don’t think it will come down to me taking any time off, but I sure wish the pain would go away. Maybe I’ll just wait longer.

Nope. Didn’t help. Pain’s still there. Oh well.

It’s Friday and I put up the latest recap of Dirty Laundry for you. It was a slow week with no temper tantrums from Elton John or off the wall statements from Michael Jackson. Maybe next week something big will happen. Here’s hoping! I’m off to bed now and then into the office for bright an early tomorrow… or would it technically be “later today” ?


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