Feeling very girly

It’s official Friday afternoon now, and 12 hours after my last update, I’m doing it again. I just can’t stay away from all you people! The weather, for those living outside the Toronto area, is rainy and overcast and damp… in other words, perfect weather for a cold fall afternoon. But to combat the somewhat drab conditions, I decided to girl-it-up today. Yeah, I know, the idea of being “girly” is comical but today is one of those days.

So out came the faded blue “stretch” jeans (which ironically enough are actually tight, but hug my ass and hips so perfectly… and they don’t have pockets on the butt) and a pink sweater. That’s right, a pink sweater. And not just any color pink either. The kind of pink that matches the background on the site. Yeah. Very pink. Why did I do this? Because I felt like it. I’m actually going out tonight – I guess you could call it a date. Going to see The Forgotten and then for pizza afterwards. How cliche is that?

So does the pink sweater, tight (but stretchy) jeans and upbeat attitude have anything to do with me going on a date? Nope! And it’s not a date. I always swore up and down that I would never gush about a guy or a relationship on this site. My so-called “date” is actually a friend of mine who needs some cheering up so we figured what the hell, “dinner and a movie”. The pink sweater was just an afterthought. It went well with the jeans. The cute ponytail doesn’t hurt either.

So that’s how Friday’s looking so far. I was going to hear home now that my work is done (it’s mostly slow here on Fridays because Monday is two days away and deadlines have already been met) but I ended up sticking around like I did when I was in college, hanging out in the newspaper office and talking with co-workers. No wonder I never went to class. I guess that’s it for now. I’m off to take a quick nap, then to get ready. The pink sweater, tight-but-stretchy-pocketless-jeans and ponytail stay for tonight. I also have a sudden craving for Stuffed Crust Pizza. Go figure. If I don’t update again before the evening, have a great weekend. See you on the flipside.


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