Somthing new, something blue

Yah! I got a new idea. Wah! It’s 12:35 in the morning. Starting every Thursday I will be turning this page right here on my Journal into The Thursday Morning Mail Bag. Yah! As if I didn’t have enough things to do with my time, now I’m going to answering your emails. That’s right kids, your emails.

Much like pressing your face up against the glass during a live broadcast of the Today show while Matt and Katie are talking and being famous for six seconds, now you can get the same feeling of immortality without the trip to New York.

So just keep sending in your emails and starting next week, we’ll open the good ol’ Thursday Morning Mail Bag and see what you have to say. (Please note the use of capitals in the name Thursday Morning Mail Bag, not to mention the over-usage of the term Thursday Morning Mail Bag, in order to stress how cool and official sounding the Mail Bag is.)

Oh… I did it again.I bought something else. Just when I thought there was nothing left to buy, I saw a cool blue satin skirt and I just had to have it. At least that’s what I told myself. So now with skirt in suitcase and suitcase in trunk of car, I’ll be heading back down the 401 to Toronto after spending a short day at the French Offices and a fun Thanksgiving weekend. I also managed to have a Montreal smoked meat sandwich for lunch and do a drive around town so now I’m set until the holidays. Now, it’s sleep time.


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