Just a normal Tuesday

It was a beautiful fall day here in Montreal. The trees looked great and the weather wasn’t too warm or too cold. That being said… I’ll be back in Toronto on Wednesday. For me it’s going to be a short week, but that’s okay. There’s a new entry on the Criminally Untalented page and now almost all the pages have been changed to the new look.

Turns out I won’t be going to Calgary this year for work. It would have been nice, but I’m glad I’m here for the fall. There is however a chance for a return trip to Vancouver in February of 2005, so that’s something to look forward to. I had a blast there this year, so doing the whole “west coast” thing again would be fun. Plus this time for sure I’d drive down to Seattle and see the sights there too.

That’s about it for now. Sorry for the dull update. I might go out tonight and see if anything interesting happens, but I won’t be out too late. I have to leave for Toronto at 6AM tomorrow.


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