In the middle of Girl Week

Being in the middle of Girl Week (you know what that is) means you get to eat what you want, when you want. And if that urge takes you down to a new 7-Eleven store on Bayview Avenue, then so be it. There are closer stores to where I live, but I’d been wanting to try this place for a while. I can hear you now asking why would anyone be looking forward to trying a new 7-Eleven?

I guess there’s some deep subconscious memory or instinct from 10 years ago when I worked at one that draws me randomly to other stores to see how they compare to mine. I’ve really been meaning to get a new hobby. Actually, any hobby would be good at this point.

The Bayview store is clean, bright and new. There’s also a rumor going around that the clerk doesn’t care how much cheese you put on your nacho chips which is good for lovers of the so-called cheese 7-Eleven (and movie theaters) try to pass off as melted cheddar. But everyone knows the real reason you go to 7-Eleven and that’s for a Slurpee. I got a Pink one. Why Pink you may ask? Pink tastes good. Not as good as Blue, but they didn’t have Blue so I had to get Pink. The people at Lays decided to once again reinvent the wheel with two new flavors of chips. “Fries and Gravy” was one and the other was “Roast Chicken”. Stop laughing. I’m not kidding. I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

So the “writer” and “curious hungry person” in my decided that trying these new flavors would add some spice to an otherwise dull evening. Thinking I couldn’t possibly eat both bags, I picked Fries and Gravy. Well, I can say this much. Pink Slurpee still tasted good. In fact I’m enjoying it right now. New chips weren’t that great. They tasted a little like French fries and maybe old shoe. The way I look at it, a potato chip already has the homefield advantage of tasting like potatoes. Maybe the people at Lays should have worked harder at perfecting the taste of gravy.

It’s always like that at product launches that I’ve been invited to. You have to grin while your taste buds take it from behind as you bite into something or drink something that is supposed to be new and wonderful and just tastes like used toilet water. Two years ago there was one for Pepsi Blue and now I can honestly say that stuff tasted like crap. Blue crap in fact. It was the one exception to the rule that Blue Tastes Good.

So that was my Wednesday night. As far as the day went, that was a total wash-up. I got nothing done. And I mean NOTHING. You know that old saying about being further ahead if you stayed in bed? Well that’s not true. I tried that and now I’m so far behind I’ll never get done. I’m off to bed early tonight and up early tomorrow. There are only two days left before the long weekend. Gotta get a move on.


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