Another quickie

It’s been one of those weeks.

Not the one where you smash your head against the wall over over again, but rather one where nothing gets done. That To-Do list keeps growing and grown, and nothing gets finished or crossed off. I did manage to call AOL Canada (yes, I know… the idea of America On Line Canada is amusing to me too) and cancel the outstanding account I had with them. And when I say outstanding, I don’t mean “amazing” “wonderful” or “awe inspiring”. I mean that it’s been active for two months and didn’t know about it. So I put an end to their $22 a month for dial-up madness right away.

I’m now off to the mall, the cleaners, the bank and then to treat myself with a shopping trip to Kitchen Stuff Plus. Christ, I sound like my mother with all the “messages” she had to run when I was a kid.

I’ve slowly started updating the entire site with our new “cupcake” look. People really seem to like it. (Or at least the 30 or so people who emailed me saying the liked it, gave it a “thumbs up”)

Other thing, I’ve been wondering why in years gone by my updates were short and simple and to the point. Now they seem to go on and on. Granted some people enjoy reading them and find my daily misadventures to be amusing, but it sure does take up a lot of web space. Oh well. I’m off like a prom-dress. I’ll be back later.


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