Good for Cheney

I’m shocked. Dick Cheney made it through the entire Vice presidential Debate without telling Little John Edwards, the moderator, the members of the audience, the viewers at home or anyone else who happened to be walking by, to go F-themselves. I was really praying he would too. Seriously, how cool would that have been?

Moderator: Mr. Edwards, where do you stand on the War On Terror?
Edwards: I’m the son of a Steel-Worker. John Kerry and I will do everything to protect the good people of America.
Moderator: Thank you. Mr. Cheney, your turn.
Cheney: Go f**k yourself.
Moderator: Thank you.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, a few months ago Vice President Dick Cheney felt the need to tell someone in Congress to screw themselves. It was a classic moment. And just when I thought the Bush/Cheney government wouldn’t have any classic sound-bytes.


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