One step closer

Ever had one of those days when you feel completely at peace walking through a small supermarket with a basket on your arm comparing the price of pasta, cold cuts and touching fruit simply because you can? I’m having one of those days right now. I just came back from Galati Bros. Markets which is a smaller chain of store in Toronto that seem to cater to more Italian products. Them and Longo’s are fast becoming the only two stores I’ll shop at. Big stores like The Real Canadian Superstore, Loblaws and even some big Dominions are just too overwhelming sometimes. I like to be in and out and done with it, unless of course I’m in a “shopping mood” which for some strange reason I’m in today.

When I moved back to Toronto in 2002 I needed to chose a supermarket that I would be comfortable with. The only store close by was Longo’s. I’d never heard of Longo’s in 1997 but I tried them anyway and I loved it. I always check out the price of pasta when picking a store because if name brands like Barilla are priced anywhere from .79 cents to .99 cents then you know you have a good store. After all, I can’t live without my pasta.

Crap. I just noticed that I spent close to two paragraphs talking about pasta, shopping and supermarkets. Today is a strange day. Maybe I need that drink more than I thought.

Maybe I should wander the aisles of the liquor store for a bit too.


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